Jubilee Party Like It's 2022

Jubilee weekend is fast approaching and we wanted to recap on all the Jubilee madness that’s been going on at EB HQ!
I wanted to start off by saying that I have honestly been blown away with the reaction to our Jubilee products. We’ve had three Tea Towel drops and they’ve sold out every time, which is madness and we’re nearly sold out of everything else. Thank you to everyone who placed an order, it means the world to me and the girls.
We celebrated Jubilee quite early on, back in April, and of course we had a tea party to mark the occasion. If you know Team EB, we aren’t going to throw any old tea party. Last minute we had the idea to dress up like the Queen, so we headed out to our local charity shops and found some incredible Queen Lizzy looks. We then spent some time filming some videos for TikTok, as these outfits were too good to only wear once. If you want to see more behind the scenes and Jubilee silliness then get on TikTok now if you’re not or ready! Trust me, you’re missing out on the lols.
@eleanorbowmer The Jubilee collection makes me wanna #dribbledribble #wigglewiggle #louistheroux #mymoneydontjiggle #iwannaseeyouwigglewiggle #fyp #platinumjubilee #queenelizabeth2 ♬ original sound - Ukdrill8
Queen Quiz
We finished the day off with a Queen themed quiz which we’ve made available for you to download here and use at your own Jubilee celebrations. If you head to File > Make a Copy you can copy it to your own Google Drive.
And that’s not all!
We’ve got something really exciting happening on the day of the Jubilee for you to get involved in! So keep an eye out on our Instagram as it’s a dream collaboration with one of my favourite brands. 
Thanks again for reading, guys! I hope you enjoyed that little recap and I wish you all a fabulous long bank holiday weekend celebrating. Cheers to our incredible Queen and her inspiring 70 years on the throne.