How To Style Our New Kid’s Wallpapers

Wallpaper is a lot like marmite or tattoos. You either love it or hate it, or once you get one you can’t stop. I’m 100% the latter. 
I’m so excited that our new Kid’s Wallpaper is finally here! It’s been over a year since we had some new designs and I’m sooo happy with them. They’ve been so much fun to design, taking inspiration from the curiosity and creativity of a child’s imagination. To help you here’s my advice on how to style our new Kid’s Wallpapers & Prints.
  1. Like Adele once said, go with your gut. Choosing and styling wallpaper isn’t easy, so don’t think for one second you should know exactly what you want straight away. What I’ve learnt with choosing a design is just to go with your gut. It’s going to be something you see on the daily, so make sure you’re head over heels for it. Trust me, when you know, you’ll know.
  2. Start small. There are so many other ways to incorporate wallpaper into a room if you’re still apprehensive about doing the whole room. Try doing a feature wall and seeing how you like it. Panelling, chimney breasts and alcoves are also great places to wallpaper too.
  3. Consider scale and room size. If you’ve got a big scale pattern you’ll need a big room for it to look good. For example, our Let’s Play Wallpaper needs a big space as it’s a mural repeat pattern. I always like to go bolder in smaller rooms like bathrooms, as you can really make an impact in the small space.
  4. Paint the woodwork. My top tip when decorating a wallpapered room is to pick colours out of the design and paint the woodwork. It works a dream, and is an easy way to bring the room together.
  5. Moodboard, Moodboard, Moodboard! Behind every perfectly styled room is a moodboard. It takes some TLC but is worth it in the long run. Having your space visually planned out makes things so much easier when it comes to furniture, accessories, and making things look cohesive. Play around with wallpaper samples, fabric swatches, paint cards, product cuttings until you find the winning combo. You can shop our A4 wallpaper samples here to get a feel for the paper quality.

To help get your decorating juices flowing, I’ve created a few moodboards with our feature Wallpapers and Prints from the new Kid’s collection to help inspire your new spaces.

First up, our Magical Unicorn design. I’ve picked colours from the wallpaper to guide the colour scheme and chosen the blue to paint the woodwork. Furnishing-wise choose soft colours like pinks and blues with some bolder cushions. Our Believe in Magic Unicorn Print and our Butterfly Frame Print complement this Wallpaper perfectly. This is basically how I’ve styled Norie’s room if you're wanting to do something similar. Feeling inspired? Order a wallpaper sample here or browse more prints.

Next our Let’s Play Mural Wallpaper. This one is really fun and perfect for a baby through to toddler age. I have this up in Ted’s room right now and it looks incredible! Again, I’ve picked out some of my favourite colours for the scheme of the furniture and accessories. I didn’t do this in Ted’s room, but if you have a dado rail (or want to put one up) we have a few complementary wallpapers that look great with it. Here I’ve chosen our new Red & White Stripe Wallpaper and the Just Horsing Around and Peek A Boo Prints which look fab! Feeling inspired? Order a wallpaper sample here or browse more prints.

Meet our Monster Friends! I absolutely love this wallpaper and these guys bring me so much joy every time I look at them. This would look amazing in a younger child’s room or playroom, and is really colourful so you could go down a few different colour schemes. For furniture I would go down the more neutral route as there is a lot of colour and detail in this design. Then style it with bolder soft furnishings in block colours. I think our Painterly Stripe Wallpaper goes great with this one too. Go with bold prints that stand out, like our Let’s Be Silly Monster and Red Stripe Scallop Initial Print. Feeling inspired? Order a wallpaper sample here or browse more prints.

Finally, Retro Bumpers! I wanted to design a more mature design for the collection and I knew our Retro Bumpers would translate so well onto a wallpaper. Don't you think? I’d be tempted to paint the woodwork a navy blue to really frame the design, and choose block colours for the furniture and textiles from the colour scheme. Throw in some retro themed decor like a funky lamp and checkerboard rug and bob’s your uncle, you’ve got a super cool room for that hard to please 8 year old. I think the Racing Car Print and Man on the Moon Personalised Print look ace, but we have loads of other Prints that you could choose based on what they like! Feeling inspired? Order a wallpaper sample here or browse more prints.
Hopefully this has been useful, and I can’t wait to start seeing your wallpaper makeovers on Instagram and TikTok!