Our 2021 Best Bits

What a year!
2021 you’ve been so good to us! From moving into the new studio space, to growing the team and working with other incredible businesses, this year has really been one to celebrate. We are so thankful for every opportunity, every order, every mention, every collaboration and every comment. Without your continued support we wouldn’t be where we are today! Here’s a big sloppy thanks to the lot of ya!
Let’s dive into our 2021 best bits…
Hello new studio! January was the month we finally set up our desks in their permanent location and not the dark and freezing entrance of the unit. The new kitchen was in full working order and loos looking boujee af. We also launched our Magnetic Post Frames in collaboration with Moxton London.
We announced our collaboration with Imperial Leather! Revealing five shower gels designed by moi. This was a real pinch me moment, and I’m still in shock. This was such a fun project as I was able to work with other creatives to bring design ideas to life as well as design and develop a cosmetic product. You can read the full blog here.
Our very first collection of stationery launched in John Lewis WTF! This collection flew off the shelves and I couldn’t believe it. What a dream to launch my very own range of stationery and gift for you all to enjoy. There might even be more to look forward to in 2022.
It was the business’ 6th Birthday! The launch of our new Kitchen Textiles collection. And Eleanor Bowmer Campers was born. Prosecco was popped!
I chatted Live on Instagram to Inky Goodness in their Creative Maker Sessions. I’m not gonna lie, featuring in stuff like this always makes me nervous but I know it is fundamental for personal and business growth. I had such a nice chat about my career as a designer and my business journey, that you can still watch here. We also launched our new Tote and Zip Bags for summer.
I took over Zoella’s Instagram for the day! This was so much fun and I have been so lucky the amazing team at Zoella trusted us to do this. It was a real social media milestone for us and we reached so many new people! We also went to PG Live which is a Trade Show in London. It was so good to meet some IRL human beings!
Our Imperial Leather collaboration continues, as we launched our Foamburst Gels! The #seriousfomo campaign went live and my foamburst was in the hands of Sam and Louise Thompson and Tara Maynard. 
Our home and gift range launched in Boots and I met Davina McCall! This was another super exciting project of 2021 as we worked with the Boots team to create the perfect 3 for 2 gifting range. I absolutely love some of the products that we developed in the collection and I hope I can continue to work with them in 2022.
Strap yourselves in! October was one of the busiest months of my life and I’m still recovering from it. To kick things off we launched a beautiful competition with Aveeno Baby UK which I designed an exclusive print for. I had a very proud business moment by making it into Insider’s 42 under 42. And we launched the most amazing Christmas collection yet!
We launched our collaboration with Pawsome Paws Boutique! This project was so much fun and it has always been a dream of mine to have products for our furry friends so when the lovely Sophie approached me I just had to say yes! We also supported Children In Need’s 2021 campaign by developing a small range of products for them and we even got to meet Pudsey himself. Not forgetting one of our biggest achievements of 2021, launching our pop-up in Selfridges at the Trafford Centre!
The madness doesn’t stop there! We had our best 12 days of Christmas yet, where we collaborated with some old and new faces on some mega festive giveaways. And somehow we still had time to launch a brand new collection of Home and Lifestyle products. (I need a lie-down)
That’s a wrap! We are so thankful for every opportunity and collaboration we’ve had this year as each one has helped our business to grow. As well as highs we’ve defo had our fair share of challenges that we’ve faced this year too, which certainly make running a business overwhelming at times. I want to thank all our amazing customers, you are genuinely the best in the world and I wouldn’t be here today without your support. I can’t thank you guys enough for shopping with me this year and for always supporting my business and everything I do. 
I wish you all a beautiful last few days of 2021 and cheers to the new year!