Print Combinations For Your Home

Looking to add some prints to your home but don’t know where to begin? We’ve arranged some of our favourite and best selling prints to help get you started. Adding colour in the form of a piece of art or a print can really add a bit of personality to any space without spending a fortune or getting messy with redecorating.
Here’s our suggestions for print combinations in the rooms around your house that are calling out for some wall art. Feel free to swap in or out, after all it’s your home.


The kitchen is for dancing and eating your heart out. So, we strongly advise you to create a friendly and fun atmosphere for yourself and others to feel energised, whatever the time of day. We think you should include something to cheer you up; whilst you do something you love (cooking) or something you hate (washing up). This is the perfect room to frame your favourite beverage or graphic interpretation of your families' go to dinner.

Living Room

Where we all put our feet up and watch hours on end of Netflix shows. This room should give you a warm hug when you enter after a tough day at work, that's why we suggest hanging your favourite positive and motivational quotes that compliment the colour scheme or make an impact. Our ‘Take It Easy’ print couldn’t be more fitting.


Don’t forget about this room! Putting a little effort and adding personality to this room will make this your new favourite place to wind down. Our ‘World Is Your Oyster’ print will provide you with some much needed motivational energy and look amazing as you look up from your bubble bath on self-care Sunday.


Rise and shine! What’s the first thing you wanna see when you open your eyes? The motivation to get out of your cosy bed of course. We suggest combining positive and bold prints, to create personality, with calming illustrations of nature to achieve the optimum levels of zen. We think our new ‘Power to the People’ print would do the trick, alongside our ‘Sunset Palms Blush Print’ that has 4 beaut colourways.

Teenage Bedroom

Possibly one of the hardest rooms to decorate. We’ve all been there, the teenage years of identity crisis along with some weird hairstyles and questionable outfits. So we’ve suggested these prints as they’re sassy, sophisticated and compliment each other beautifully. What we like and dislike can change so quickly as a teenager, so prints are the best way to keep their room looking fresh and injecting some positive vibes, as nobody wants to deal with a moody teenager. Our best selling ‘Hun Poodle Print’ has the perfect balance of attitude and personality.

Kids Room

Get ready to have some fun! We love a kids room as you can really express yourself. Pretty much anything goes but this room needs to have prints that can stimulate and educate your little monsters. Yes, we’ve even got the scientific evidence to support this. According to Dr. Amanda Gummer, surrounding your newborn with strong visual stimuli will actually improve overall brain function and spur mental development. So bright shapes and bold words are a real winner as they not only look great but will be something their brain will process everyday. We love our ‘My Alphabet Print’ and any other prints with animals to add the most fun and personality to a nursery, playroom or bedroom. After all, our babas are gonna have to be the one to save our planet so it’s best to spark their knowledge on it early.
So, we hope this has been helpful and you’re on your way to creating a beautiful house filled with motivational quotes and colour! Oh, and we highly recommend our amazing A4 Magnetic Poster Frames which make it so easy to arrange and swap your posters around with no faffing. Happy arranging!