How To Get Your Creative Mojo Back

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing worse than when you’re sat in front of your laptop, pen in hand and your brain just goes bleurrrgh. Nope. Nothing. It’s like your brain has popped on holiday and no one’s home (I don't blame it, how good would a holiday be right about now?!)
With everything that’s going on right now, it can be hard to find your creative spark when your brain is already on overload. We've put together a few tips and tricks that will hopefully help you get your creative mojo back.
Let’s jump straight into it!

1. Change your environment

If your creativity has decided to take a wander, you might as well join it right? Something as simple as switching up the scenery, your work setup or even just taking a walk can really help you feel less restricted to the four walls you’ve been stuck in. You also never know what you might come across on your wander that ignites a new idea or inspires you.
Get your creative mojo back

2. Get inspired

The great thing about the internet and all the amazing apps out there, is that there’s unlimited amounts of places to get inspired. One of our favourites here at EB is pinterest - it’s full of everything you could possibly need, no matter what your style or taste. As you will know our designs are very bold and bright, so Pinterest is a great place for colour inspiration but also for looking at architecture, original art and just simply finding inspiration from things you didn’t know you needed.
Get your creative mojo back

3. Talk

Sometimes when you’re struggling to feel creative, the last thing you may want to do is talk to someone else. Here at EB we love a good natter and we find it can really help open up new perspectives for ideas and allow you to bounce ideas off each other. You don’t even always have to talk about the exact thing you’re struggling to find creativity for. We’ve found there have been many situations where mid convo some of our best ideas have just popped up out of nowhere. Buzzing!
Get your creative mojo back

4. Create a mood board

This fits in quite nicely to our earlier point about getting inspired. We love a good mood board to get those creative juices flowing. The great thing about mood boards is that you can literally use everything and anything as inspiration, whether that be objects, textures, music, colours and shapes. Sometimes the more obscure and random the mood board, the more inspiration you find. Give it a go!
Get your creative mojo back

5. Sleep on it!

You know Salvador Dali said all of his best ideas came from his dreams, so what better excuse to get some extra Zzz’s and reignite that creative spark. Now whether you actually get inspo from your dreams or you simply allow yourself a little longer to rest, a good night's sleep can be the key to that creativity you’ve been searching for. 
Get your creative mojo back

6. Do something else

People always joke about procrastination being a bad thing, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Who doesn’t love to procrastinate from time to time? Especially in the times we are finding ourselves in right now, don’t fight the desire you may feel to do everything except the one thing you should be doing. Also just creating something weird and silly can really bring that fun element back into the process, which helps you get out of that slump and back into a more colourful and inspiring mind-frame for the project or piece of work you’ve been trying to do.
Get back your creative mojo back
Remember your lack of creativity won’t last forever and you’ll soon get back into the zone, sometimes your brain just needs a little kickstart.