Feel Good Insta Accounts You Need To Follow

If you're anything like me, you can scroll through Instagram for hours on end getting sucked in to every post, video and reel. The reel addiction though....that's a topic for another time ha.
I've said it before that Instagram can be both a positive and negative space and sometimes it's hard to find that balance and we get caught up in following accounts or conversations that just don't make us feel good.
So, to help spread some of those feel good vibes, we've picked some of our fave instagram accounts to help spread those happy vibes in a time where we most definitely need it!

1. The Happy News

I really love this account. Ran by Emily Coxhead, the happy newspaper only posts positive news. You can't help but feel all warm and fuzzy inside whenever you stumble across one of their posts. An instant mood booster and feel good account that you just have to follow!  

The Happy Newspaper Instagram

2. Dogs Working From Home

Who doesn't love dogs? They are a mans best friend after all! This account will have you laughing instantly and just feels so fitting with so many dog owners now working from home which must have really confused every dog like "mum, dad, when are you leaving?". I know this account will bring you lots of happy feels!   

Dogs Working From Home Instagram

3. Chessie King 

This girl, honestly! Following Chessie feels like you're watching your best friend - you just love and celebrate everything she does and each and every post uplifts you and fills you with so much confidence. Chessie's energy is so infectious and no matter what she's going through, she tries to see the positives in everything and is just an all round babe. She's also started a podcast with her fiancée Matthew where they share a very honest look into their pregnancy journey.

Chessie King Instagram

4. Animals Doing Things

What beats videos of animals? Animals doing hilarious things! This is the account for all you animal lovers out there. If you're ever having a bad day and you need cheering up, or you just want cute animals brightening up your feed, this is the account to follow. It will make your day so much better I can promise you that! 

Animals Doing Things Instagram

5. Stacey Solomon

Stacey Solomon is such a down to earth, bubbly soul and this is just one of the many reasons why you should follow her. Stacey's content is light-hearted and fun and she has doesn't take life (or the trolls for that matter) too seriously which I love. Stacey is also a big Mrs Hinch fan so regularly posts cleaning vids, from hoovering and choreographing a dance routine, to labelling everything in her home (I love it). Everything is done with a smile and that Stacey charm, the perfect person to follow for real, genuine and entertaining content.

Stacey Soleman Instagram

6. Feel Good Club 

Ran by two wives Kiera and Aimie, Feel Good Club is on a mission to literally make you feel good. Not only do they post motivational content and share tips for navigating day to day struggles, but they also make eco-friendly clothing and have an amazing mental health and wellbeing coffee house in Manchester's Northern Quarter. The girls are all about connecting people and creating a community where people can be themselves without fear of judgement. They also have the most adorable dog, Juno, who features in lots of their posts and stories. These girls are ace and really embody everything about making you feel good.

Feel Good Club Instagram 

These are just a few of our fave feel good Instagram accounts. In a world full of filters and drama, sometimes a little social cleanse or switching up who you follow can really make a difference in how you feel. If an account you follow doesn't make you feel happy or isn't serving you, just press that button and unfollow.

It will feel amazing, try it!