Valentine's Day: Lockdown Style

Looks like Valentine's Day celebrations will be happening at home this year, but let's be honest I don't think that's come as much of a shock considering everything that's been going on. BUT, this does not mean that Valentine's Day can't be fully of love and fun. 
We've put together some V day ideas, lockdown style, so you can still celebrate and still make the day a special one. 

1. Get dressed up

For many people, Valentine's Day is a great excuse to get all dressed up in your best outfit for a romantic meal in your fave restaurant. Now that sadly isn't possible this year, but that doesn't mean you have to miss out on a special dining experience. Whether you're surprising your partner with your own 5 course meal, or you decide to create a special date night menu together, why not get all dressed up in your fanciest outfit and best clothes so you feel as though you're stepping into a super posh restaurant. You can even decorate your kitchen/dining room so it feels like a restaurant. Light a candle, pop a chilled out playlist on in the background, crack open your fizz of choice, put your phone away and just enjoy some quality time together.

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2. Gift each other something personal 

Nothing says I love you more than a personal gift. Maybe it's a print with a particular date on it that means a lot to you both, a passion you both share, or a scrap book filled with photos and special memories. You don't need to spend a fortune on gifts and it really is the thought that counts and the meaning being the gift, not how much you spent on it. It's also a very tough time financially for people so this is a really special way to show someone how much they mean to you. This doesn't even just have to be for a partner, it could be for a family member or your bestie.
We have lots of personalised prints here that would make special gifts, including this personalised Love Potion print.
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3. Romantic movie marathon 

Valentine's Day at home doesn't have to mean crazy plans and lavish gifts, sometimes all you want to do is enjoy quality time together on your sofa watching your favourite films or series. Harry Potter is always a classic movie marathon pick. Make your living room all cosy, grab your favourite snacks and a bottle of wine, or if you're feeling something non alcoholic why not treat yourselves to a full works hot chocolate filled with whipped cream and marshmallows (yum) in our Valentine's inspired mug - exclusively available at John Lewis.

Valentine's Day Mug 

4. Bar crawl at home

If you love a good Bar Crawl (I mean who doesn't?) then why not create your own by transforming each room in your home to it's own bar. So different theme, music and of course cocktails! Be as creative as possible and just have some fun with it. Being stuck at home doesn't mean you have to be bored on the sofa with nothing to do. If you're feeling extra dedicated to the idea, why not order some cheap disco lights or some mini umbrellas to pop into your Long island Ice tea's. Please tag me in your pics if you do this and who knows, maybe you'll love it so much you'll only ever want to do your own at home bar crawl.

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