Aprons & Oven Gloves


    Discover our range of colourful aprons and oven gloves that add a pop of personality to your kitchen! Our stylish aprons and oven gloves are designed to keep you looking chic while protecting you from those inevitable kitchen mishaps. Made with high-quality materials and featuring our signature bold prints, our aprons and oven gloves are both functional and look great.

    Whether you're whipping up a storm for a dinner party or simply making your morning coffee, our aprons are perfect for protecting your clothes from spills and our thick oven gloves protect your hands from hot temperatures. Cooking aprons are an essential if you are a keen baker and our colourful styles add a touch of fun to your kitchen textiles collection. From leopard print aprons to tropical palm tree designs, we have a wide range of styles to suit a variety of tastes and style. Say goodbye to boring kitchen accessories and hello to Eleanor Bowmer aprons and oven gloves! 

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