Tea O'Clock: Benefits of Tea for Every Time of Day

We’ve teamed up with Tea connoisseurs Bird & Blend Tea Co. to chat about the various tea varieties and which ones are perfect for different times of the day to maximise those perks.
7am – wake up with a Black Tea 
Starting your day at 7am with a cup of black tea can work wonders! Did you know that over 95% of your cuppa is just plain ol' water? That's a hydration boost right there, helping your brain and body stay sharp. Now, let's talk caffeine. Black Tea's got a decent hit of it, which is perfect for a gentle morning kickstart. Unlike coffee, you can have up to 10 cups of tea in a day before hitting the caffeine limit. That's four more cups to enjoy! A bit of caffeine perks you up, sharpens your mind, and keeps you sailing smoothly through the day.  
We’ve paired Bird & Blend’s Great British Cuppa with our Make Today Amazing Mug for the ultimate way to start the day. 
11am - Fruit Tea – mid morning energy booster 
Time for a mid-morning pick-me-up with some fruit tea! Here's the scoop: it's all about those natural ingredients. Done right, fruit tea is naturally sweet and bursting with fruity flavor. Think of it like dried fruit steeped in water - refreshing and energizing! Plus, it's loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, perfect for cleansing your body of toxins and keeping your immune system in top shape. So, sip away and enjoy those health benefits - fruit tea's got your back, just like regular tea leaves do!
We’ve heard amazing things about Bird & Blend’s Strawberry Lemonade Fruit Tea and we think it’s perfectly paired with our You Make The Sun Shine Brighter Mug. 
4pm – Rooibos Tea – an afternoon pick me up 
Time for a 4pm boost with some rooibos tea! Let's talk chai, or as some call it, Masala Chai. It's a spiced blend that usually includes black tea, cinnamon, cloves, and maybe some ginger or cardamom - all natural and totally tasty! These spices pack a punch of health benefits. Ginger soothes flu symptoms, while black tea and cinnamon might help with blood pressure. Now, onto rooibos tea – naturally sweet and bursting with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory goodness. Mix it with our chai blend for a decaf latte treat, like our Gingerbread Chai. Refreshing and good for you - what's not to love? 
Drink Bird & Blend’s Gingerbread Chai Tea from our It Is What It Is Mug and battle the afternoon slump. 
8pm - Herbal Tea – something to wind down 
When it comes to winding down before hitting the hay, herbal tea is your best buddy! Take chamomile, for example. Those little flowers not only calm your nerves but also loosen up those muscles, all without a hint of caffeine to keep you up. Then there's lavender – a true sleep tonic. Its soothing properties are one thing, but that dreamy aroma? It's like a bedtime ritual in a cup! And let's not forget valerian, with both its flowers and roots working overtime for centuries to battle insomnia. This stuff's a natural sedative, perfect for kicking anxiety to the curb. At our place, we've got a whole lineup of teas packed with these chill-out ingredients. Sure, chamomile might take a minute to get used to, but with our flavourful range, you're bound to find a new bedtime favourite in no time! 
Sip Bird & Blend’s Dozy Girl Chamomile Tea from our Big Hug in a Mug for a restful nights sleep.