Meet Our Positivi-Tea Mugs

 We've got some exciting news brewing - literally! Meet our four brand-new, personality-packed mugs, each designed to match your vibe and spread some good vibes around. So, let's dive into the world of positivi-tea and find our which mug is the perfect match for you... 

Big Hug In A Mug from Eleanor Bowmer
Big Hug in a Mug - The Hugger:
Are you the kind of person who believes in the power of warm embraces and cozy chats? Well, meet your perfect mug soulmate - the Big Hug in a Mug, affectionately known as "The Hugger." This mug is like a warm, comforting hug for your hands, making it ideal for those who find joy in connection and spreading love. Whether you're a seasoned hugger or just love the idea of wrapping your hands around something delightful, this mug is your go-to choice.
Perfect for: The social butterfly, or anyone in need of a virtual hug during their morning coffee routine.
Make Today Amazing Mug - The Manifester:
Feeling like you need a daily dose of inspiration? Look no further than the Make Today Amazing Mug - aka "The Manifester." This mug is all about channeling positive energy and setting the tone for an incredible day ahead. Start your morning on a high note and manifest greatness with every sip!
Perfect for: The goal-setter, the dream-chaser, or anyone in need of a little encouragement to conquer the day.
It Is What It Is Mug - The Realist:
Life has its ups and downs, and sometimes you just need a mug that gets it. Enter the It Is What It Is Mug. This mug is for those who appreciate a straightforward approach to life. Embrace the realness, accept the challenges, and enjoy your favourite beverage in a mug that gets it.
Perfect for: The pragmatist, the no-nonsense individual, or anyone who appreciates a touch of realism in their daily routine.
You Make the Sun Shine Brighter Mug
You Make the Sun Shine Brighter Mug - The Optimist:
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade – or better yet, sip it from the You Make the Sun Shine Brighter Mug. This mug is a burst of sunshine, radiating positivity and warmth. It's perfect for those who see the silver lining in every cloud and spread joy effortlessly. Embrace the bright side of life with this cheerful mug that's sure to make your heart smile.
Perfect for: The eternal optimist, the sunshine enthusiast, or anyone who believes in the power of a positive outlook.
We're on a mission to empower people everyday one mug at a time. Whether you're the eternal optimist, the down-to-earth realist, the professional hugger, or the ultimate manifesting guru, find the one that totally vibes with your personality and fill it up with positivity. These mugs also make fantastic gift ideas for your loved ones. So, go ahead, pick your fave mug, and grab another for your best-TEA with our 2 for £20 mug offer.