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Gifts For Home
Christmas is the perfect excuse to spruce up your home and add some must-haves to your Xmas wishlist. Whether you’re a homeowner, or renting, treating yourself or a loved one, we have the ultimate guide to help give your home that extra sprinkle of colour and groove.

1. Life Is Fantastic Mug - £10

Our beautiful, best-selling rainbow mug is a must-have in every home. Whether you’re drinking your morning coffee, an afternoon cuppa or hot choc in the evening, this is the mug for you. Not only will it brighten up your kitchen, but I can guarantee it will brighten up your day too.
Rainbow Mug

2. Pink Miami Shells Oven Glove - £22

Bring a dose of colour into your kitchen with our beautiful oven glove, a stylish yet practical addition to your home. We’ve taken one of our favourite shell designs and made it into a high quality kitchen essential which is bound to have you feeling trendy as ever whilst cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Cooking has never been so fun!
Pink Miami Shells Oven Glove

3. The World Is Your Oyster Print - £15

The world really is your oyster and sometimes we need reminding of this. Add a dose of motivation to your home with our beautifully hand-painted print. A pop of colour and a daily feel-good reminder that will help you start your day on the right foot.
The World Is Your Oyster Wall Print

4. Pink & Red Leopard Print Wallpaper - £80

If ever there was a statement wallpaper, this is it! For all you leopard print lovers you need this in your home. I repeat you NEED this! The colour combination is simply stunning and brings a huge amount of personality to a room. If you’ve been searching for that special something missing in your home, I promise you this best-selling design won’t disappoint. 
Pink and Red Leopard Print Wallpaper 
We also have a huge selection of beautiful wallpapers on our site with different prints and designs for all tastes. Whether you love a bold statement wall, or something softer and more muted. You can view our full collection here

5. Exotic Bamboo Tea Towel - £10

Add a sense of style to any kitchen with our Exotic Bamboo Birds tea towel. The originally hand painted design will grab everyone’s attention. The details are beautiful and I assure you, any guest coming to your home will comment on this tea towel. Made from 100% premium quality cotton, this tea towel is made to the highest standard.
Exotic Bamboo Black tea Towel
There’s no place like home and in a time where we have been stuck inside more than usual, there’s no better time to add beautifully bold new additions to your home.  Treat your friends or loved ones, or just treat yourself (because why the hell not!) Happy shopping!