How To Stay Motivated This New Year

Let's not beat around the bush, January is a looooooong month. Those winter blues really start to kick in and everywhere you look it's all "new year new me" or "time to burn off those mince pies" and quite frankly it's a lot, especially when all you want to do is hibernate and stay warm in bed all day (just me?) 
To top it all off this year we've got Bojo and the virus throwing more spanners in the works. So if you're finding the prospect of 2021 a tad daunting, I'm with ya.
Here are a few tips to help you stay motivated! 

 1. Social Detox

It's so easy to have a love/hate relationship with social. It can be the most encouraging, uplifting space, but at the same time can feel so anxiety inducing and negative. One thing I find really helps me is to unfollow any accounts that don't give me a sense of happiness or joy. It feels so satisfying, like a life cleanse or spring clean. I promise you will feel so much better for it. One of our fave gals is Helen Anderson - her vibe is just so amazing and her energy lights up your feed no matter what mood you're in. If you don't follow her already you really should, go check out her page here!


2. Switch up your workspace 

A lot of us are working from home at the moment and it can be so hard to feel motivated when you've moved about 5m away from where you rolled out of bed and all you can think about is having that 3pm nap. Switching up your workspace can really help give your motivation the kick up the butt it needs and a change of scenery, even in your own home, can help you feel more focused. Spruce up your space with some colourful pens or a snazzy notebook to get those creative juices flowing and don't forget to make sure your workspace is tidy - after all a tidy space is a tidy mind.


3. Take a break!

Remember to take a breather. Schedule in a few brew breaks during your day and treat yourself to a cuppa in your favourite mug. I forget how long I've actually been sat at my laptop sometimes so just standing up to stretch my legs feels so damn good and you don't realise how badly you need it until you get up and you're like "aaaaah". Having breaks also allows you to feel more productive and creative, so your work will thank you for it and you get to enjoy a delicious brew. It's a win win!

World is your Oyster Mug


4. Phone your bestie

Now more than ever people are feeling alone and struggling with the lack of social contact. We are very lucky though to live in a time where technology is so advanced and we have Facetime, Whatsapp and so many more ways of contacting our nearest and dearest. Sometimes no one gets you quite like your bestie and a little phone call can be just what you need to reignite that flame inside you to feel motivated again. 

Best Friends Forever Print


5. Positive Mindset

Now I know "staying positive" is much easier said than done and it can be hard to keep your positive pants on, especially with everything that is going on, but there is so much power in being optimistic. You will automatically feel better and notice a change in your motivation. Small changes like this can really have a huge impact. Don't forget though, you are only human and it's okay to have days where you have zero motivation. Don't be so hard on yourself and keep going, you've got this! 

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